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Calls For BANK RUN in Spain! Mass Withdrawal of Cash From ATM’s Will Collapse the Banks!

And it begins. In Catalonia, there are now calls to have a MASS WITHDRAWAL of funds from the banks.   santander2-web.JPG (620×349) https://static.theglobeandmail.ca/c7a/report-on-business/article4257465.ece/ALTERNATES/w620/santander2-web.JPG Call for mass withdrawal to pressure Spanish government http://catalannews.com/business/item/call-for-mass-withdrawal-to-pressure-spanish-government Catalan News...


Central Banks at Risk of Default?

by Martin Armstrong Central banks do not play games with the markets but it sure feels like we are being played by someone! Earlier this year the Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve and the European...