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The judge that issued a default judgment against Iran last March, ordering it to pay $10.5 bin in damages to families of victims who died in the 9/11 attacks (and the insurers)–is the SAME judge who ruled in 2015 that Saudi Arabia had sovereign immunity and dismissed all charges against the Saudis. (Conspiracy)

Same judge seems very convenient. I also find it odd –strange even, that those are the only two judgements listed on his wikipedia page–Daniels has been there at the US SDNY since March 9,...


#HeartlessHillary laughs at homeless people’s expense days after 2 homeless heroes alerted police to the chelsea bomb because they were so desperate to find a nice bag they looked in the bin

Hillary BOMBS Fallon: "It looks like a homeless person's". She has NO idea what it's like to be homeless; #Deplorable! #TrumpAQuote #Trump pic.twitter.com/oCvp5T8iMp — ALWAYS TRUMP! (@Always_Trump) September 20, 2016 Hobos find bombs and...