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Looking behind Boy Scouts’ decision to admit girls

by Larry Kummer, Fabius Maximus Summary: The Boy Scouts have decided to allow girls into their core programs. Let’s look at this decision, how it was made, the possible effects, and the vital context. It’s modern...


Viral Footage of Syrian boy ‘braving sniper fire’ to rescue girl used as anti-assad propaganda was faked by Norwegian filmmakers

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/footage-of-syrian-boy-braving-sniper-fire-to-rescue-girl-was-faked-by-norwegian-filmmakers-9862600.html A video appearing to show a young Syrian boy braving sniper fire to rescue a girl was faked by a Norwegian film crew as an experiment, it has emerged. The unidentified boy was...


The problems of the boy who keeps crying wolf

by Shaun Richards Yesterday saw the policy announcement of the Bank of England with quite a few familiar traits on display. However we did see something rather familiar in the press conference from its...