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Ashton Kutcher Cries As He Gives Testimony On Capitol Hill On Child Sex Trafficking – Gave Up Career To Run Business Called Thorn To Rescue Children. PLUS, It Is Being Reported High Amount Of Sex Trafficking In DC.

by Pamela Williams I had no idea Ashton Kutcher had quit acting to run his business called THORN, which rescues child-sex trafficking victims. He goes on police raids, and he says he can never forget...


Busting 3 Popular Myths About Business Loans

There’s a lot you need to know about loans before you even consider applying for one. In a similar vein to personal loans lenders, business loans are approved based on a credit score of...


More than 100 countries have signed an agreement to share ALL personal and business financial information automatically, which means without a warrant or even a request. It will just happen as a matter of course.

All banks, investment companies, brokerage firms, and insurance companies will participate. National sovereignty in such matters is gone.   Status of Commitments on Automatic Information Exchange The table below shows the list of jurisdictions...