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CHART: The first gold stock buy signal of 2017

From Jeff Clark, Editor, Market Minute: After chopping back and forth for the past several months, gold stocks are finally ready to rally. The Bullish Percent Index (BPI) for the gold sector just generated...


People Buy Payments & Why Rates Can’t Rise

by Lance Roberts This past week, the lovely, and talented, Danielle DiMartino-Booth and I shared a discussion on the ongoing debate of why “Rates Must Rise.”   Debt drives rates lower….not higher. Debt is...


Andrew Hoffman – Amazon to Buy Tesla and SpaceX?

from Financial Survival Network What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman: Complete dissociation of Fed “rate hike” with market reality – Rates near lows Treasury yield curve historic inversion (in China, too!) Plunging commodities, EM...