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U.S. Web Attacks Skyrocket Ahead of Mid East Action: 81% Above Normal *Real Time Heat Map*

Mac Slavo
August 28th, 2013


Outgoing Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano ominously warned of a coming “cyber event” in an open letter to her successor this week, claiming that such an attack on the domestic internet “will have a serious effect on our lives, our economy, and the everyday functioning of our society.”

With tensions at a breaking point in the middle east, and all military options on the table, there can be no […]

Why Oil Could Move Higher–Much Higher

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Commodities could rise even as global demand sags.

The conventional wisdom of the moment is that a weakening global economy will push the cost of commodities such as oil down as demand stagnates. This makes perfect sense in terms of physical supply and demand, but this ignores the consequences of financial demandand capital flows.

I wrote this essay for Peak Prosperity about three weeks ago, before the revelations of investment bank speculation in commodities […]

Chinese Stock Market is Dying, Missed Expectations and Unexpectedly Dropped to a 9-Month Low

The Mechanism That Holds Chinese Banks Together Is Falling Apart

China’s seven day repo rose to a record high of 10.77% in Shanghai, the highest since March 2003, according to Bloomberg*.

Meanwhile, the one-day rate hit a record 12.85%. And Zerohedge reported that overnight repo hit 25%.

The liquidity squeeze in China first began ahead of the Dragon Boat festival earlier this month. Spikes in interbank rates are common right before holidays.

But Diana […]

Morning News: McDonald’s Sales Down 0.6% Worldwide, China Faking Its Economic Data, CNBC Viewership Plunges To Eight Year Lows, Roubini Says Look Out for A Big Market Crash

McDonald’s Asia Brings Down April Comparable Store Sales

Here’s the regional breakdown:

U.S. up 0.7% (Est. down 0.05%)
Europe down 2.4% (Est. down 1.01%)
Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) down 2.9% (Est. down 1.44%)

“In April, APMEA’s comparable sales declined 2.9%, reflecting the impact of Avian influenza, primarily in China, and softer results in Japan and Australia,” wrote the company.
Read more:

McDonald’s Sales Slip 0.6% in April


CHART OF THE DAY: It Doesn’t Take A Genius […]