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Stock Buybacks: “Staggering Waste of Company Cash”

The evidence shows that when corporate executives initiate buyback programs of shares, the decisions are usually not born from rational analysis. The share price performance of corporations which invested in their own shares might...


An alarming new front in the War on Cash

From Brian Maher, Managing Editor, Daily Reckoning: The armies of the cashless society have trapped the heroic but overmatched cash note in a classic pincer movement… Governments advance against the entrenched center… The banks...


The Situation Is Now Rapidly Deteriorating… More Cash Is Exiting The Bond Market …Carmageddon… Pension Apocalypse …TOP Financial Experts Are Warning An Imminent Crash

John Embry – The Situation Is Now Rapidly Deteriorating In The West July 06, 2017Today John Embry warned King World News that things are rapidly deteriorating for Western central planners. Things Are Rapidly Deteriorating...