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Traditional Chinese medicine – How to heal the body naturally

by: Jonathan Landsman (Natural News) Over the past few decades, the incidence of many chronic degenerative diseases including cancer, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and Alzheimer’s disease have all risen by an alarming rate – and Western...


Chinese Stocks Clear Major Resistance

by Dana Lyons Like Brazilian stocks days before, China’s Shanghai Composite has broken out above key chart resistance. In last Thursday’s post, we pointed out that Brazil’s benchmark stock index, the Bovespa, had recovered all of...


The Chinese Economy’s Fatal Flaws: “…if we dig deeper into the exact situation of Chinese economy, we will find that it’s a typical failing of the Keynesian, cronyist system.”

Authored by William Hongsong Wang via The Mises Institute, Dr. Per Bylund’s recently published article poignantly states one of the core problems in the Chinese economy and its the state-manipulated Keynesian foundation. I do agree with his opinion. And if we...