America : The CIA investing in Climate Change to manipulate the Weather

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CIA wants to control the weather, climate change…

CIA backs $630,000 study into how to control global weather through geoengineering…

Is the CIA trying to manipulate global warming?…

The CIA Wants To Control The Weather Through ‘Geoengineering’…

CIA studying how to control the world’s weather…

CIA spending

Global Economy Facing Serious Danger As The Third Largest National Economy Is Now Very Likely Going To Plunge Into Oblivion And This Time Is Different


Biderman’s Daily Edge – Japan Will Lead the Coming Government Bond Ponzi Scheme Collapse

Public Debt – Japan is the Worst

So many people only look at the US debt and yell and scream while jumping up and down in their yellow rain coats preaching the end is near. True,

Public Debt – Japan is the Worst / By Martin Armstrong / December 20, 2012

So many people only look at the US debt and yell and scream while jumping up and down in their yellow rain coats preaching the end is near. True, the US has the largest public debt, but it is far from the worst for it has the

Life expectancy in Monaco at 89.7 years; Afghanistan, 49.7 years

Monaco has the highest life expectancy in the world at 89.68 years Chad has the lowest level of life expectancy at 48.69 years America ranks 51st in the table with 78.49 years, while the United Kingdom comes in 30th at 80.17 years

This colour-coded map reveals the startling difference in life expectancies across 222

One of the world’s best-performing emerging markets could soon be downgraded to junk

From Washington’s Blog:

The First BRIC to be Downgraded to Junk?

India is currently one of the world’s biggest economies, ahead of Spain. Both the CIA and World Bank have India as the ninth-largest economy, and Spain as the 12th.

India is forecast to be the world’s third-largest economy by 2030, and the world’s No.

15 Fascinating Facts About The Majority Of Americans

As divisive as things get these days, it’s easy to lose track of who the average American really is.


Based on Census data, Pew and Gallup polls and more, we’ve identified some simple facts that are true about the majority of the 311,591,917 Americans.


The majority of Americans are over 30. America has the 42nd


More than 47,000 people have been killed in drug violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched a military crackdown against drug cartels. (AP Photo/Felix Marquez)

( – Organized crime-related deaths in one Mexican border state during the first nine months of 2011 exceed the number of Afghan civilians killed in roughly the same period

Ron Paul: CIA Chooses Dictators Around the World

Presidential candidate elaborates on CIA “coup” comments

Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, September 1, 2011

Speaking about his contention that the CIA had orchestrated a “coup” in America against the government, Congressman Ron Paul told the Alex Jones Show that the Agency was also behind the choosing of dictators around the world.

“For the CIA

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