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NEEDS MORE EXPOSURE! – George Clooney fundraiser dinner for hillary cost exactly $353,400. The EXACT amount of the max contribution needed to launder cash to the DNC illegally!

by Starfire66 From this article in 2016: https://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/hillary-clinton-george-clooney-fundraiser-221207 It will cost more than four times the average income in San Francisco to have dinner next to Hillary Clinton and the Clooneys there next month. For...


George Clooney: “Houston is Syria post Hurricane Harvey”

by DCG Riiiiight. Because Syrian refugees and victims of Hurricane Harvey have so muchin common. Bonus: Not only does Julianne Moore want “re-education for everyone,” she also wants to “eradicate all these borders.” From Hollywood Reporter: As George Clooney joins efforts to...