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A sign miners may be close to a bottom

From Chris Kimble at Kimble Charting Solutions: Could historical outflows present an opportunity? Sentimentrader.com reported that outflows from Gold Miners ETFs GDX and GDXJ topped $800 million on 4/26, the largest single day outflows in...


Ukrainian army holds military drills close to Crimea

Neither shooting practice nor missile launches are planned during the drills, a Ukrainian official told TASS The planned combat training and military units’ cohesion exercises began on Thursday. Military servicemen of the South Operations...


Emerging Markets Very Bullish, Close To Major Breakout

by Taki Tsaklanos Emerging markets look increasingly bullish with each passing day. It was only three weeks ago that emerging markets were bullish enough to call for an official breakout. With that, our emerging markets forecast for 2017 proves...