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WIKILEAKS: Podesta’s Research on John McCain (connected to IRI that worked like CGI) Finds FRAUD, LOBBYING, DUBAI CHILD ENSLAVEMENT, SOROS TIES

In regards to Child Camel Jockeys that McCain is connected to in UAE, here’s an explanation of what it is (little boys, even 3 yo, used and strapped on camels for fun): https://2001-2009.state.gov/g/tip/rls/fs/2005/50940.htm + http://www.naseeb.com/journals/the-real-meaning-of-camel-jockeys-65092 Searching the...


Internet Connected CCTV Camera Launched DDoS

Bloomberg (on ZH) reports that thousands of small closed-circuit TV camera that are internet connected was the hardware platform where the denial of service attack on Dyn was launched on Friday. [W]e’re getting a...


Bill Maher, Producer of VICE, connected to George Soros and Hillary’s Campaign via the Off-the-Record Journalism Cocktail party at Joel Berenstain’s house (Berenson Strategy Group) to discuss talking points of how to influence the media in favor of Hillary; as revealed by Podesta email leaks.

by 911bodysnatchers322 [Source: RE: Event Memo – Benensons OTR.docx] Vice node OTR Journalism Cocktail Party participants node Joel Berenson In case you don’t know how to use this tool, you click on things and...