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10,000 Google Staff Set to Police YouTube Content

by Thinker Google is to deploy a staff of 10,000 to hunt down “extremist content” on its YouTube platform following recent criticism, the video-sharing site’s chief executive told Britain’s Daily Telegraph Tuesday. Susan Wojcicki admitted...


In case anyone was thought Google was competent enough to moderate online content autonomously.

https://archive.is/FNhU6/24f45e6d2cb4f7711ba7b70f38a38d3b606f09a0.png Youtube partner support: If the algorithm can’t find advertiser friendly material your video might get tagged non-advertiser friendly http://archive.is/rQVCP How to Break Silicon Valley’s Anti-Free-Speech Monopoly http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450476/silicon-valleys-anti-conservative-bias-solution-treat-major-tech-companies-utilities   h/t SatoshiKamasutra