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Minimum Wage Goes Up for Wendy’s workers, but their benefits are slashed. Bottom 90% will continue to get crushed. Americans are using debt and food stamps to maintain standard Of living

@StockBoardAsset Debt Used To Maintain Standard Of Living h/t @LanceRoberts pic.twitter.com/yWPIWuPxSV — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) January 3, 2018 The One Chart that says something is terribly wrong in America pic.twitter.com/Pdpfts4Mcl — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset)...


Will Bitcoins Price continue to Skyrocket in 2018?

Over the course of 2017, Bitcoin has broken records in regards to growth. At the beginning of this year, Bitcoin was trading at just $900 and at well over $15,000. While there are a...


Pelosi Is Mentally Unfit To Continue.

Pelosi face spasms mar speech; Utters gibberish, confuses ‘trillions’ and ‘billions’… Drifting off and unfocused. This has now reached a point where it has become a consistent behavior. Being she doesn’t want to go,...