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Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka: “I don’t care who you are, how much money you make, if you don’t respect our country, then you shouldn’t be in this country playing football. Go to another country and play football.”

“I’m not condemning anybody or criticizing anybody. Respect the game. Play the game,” Ditka said. “When you want to protest, protest when the game is over. Football has been so good to these guys....


The Catalan crisis could cause the collapse of Spain – “Successful modern unions, like Canada, Australia and the present-day UK, are built on ensuring that the regions want to stay part of the country, not that they will be forced to stay part of that country.”

http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/catalan-crisis-spain-collapse-independence-referendum-police-violence-voters-civilians-protests-a7978131.html Just today Madrid said that they will not even discuss matters with Barcelona before they denounce all intentions of declaring independence. Madrid is full of idiots. This is the way you push Catalonia...