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ICE Arrests 1,378 Gang Members in Six Weeks… Santa Cruz County Sheriff Supports So-called “Sanctuary State” Bill, Saying It Would Improve Public Safety?!

Immigration and Customs  Enforcement (ICE) announced on Tuesdaythat more than 1,000 gang members, including alleged murderers and rapists, were arrested as part of a six-week operation targeting gang members involved in transnational criminal activity. Federal authorities, led...


Texas Governor Abbot Just Canceled $1.5M in Criminal Justice Grants for Travis County (Austin sanctuary city)

Abbott cancels $1.5 million in criminal justice grants for Travis Co. http://www.statesman.com/news/local/doggett-condemns-vindictiveness-abbott-cutting-travis-county-grants/iX4p28qylrW5sFnz5bShJI/ EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY “This morning, the governor’s office is canceling all currently active Travis County criminal justice grants,” Abbott spokesman John Wittman said....