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Spain Cracks Down on Catalan Independence Movement

by Disobedient Media Over the last few weeks, the Catalan independence movement has provoked escalating and severe reactions from Spanish authorities. Reuters reports that The Constitutional Court has suspended the referendum after a legal challenge by...


Cracks Emerge in Corporate Debt Confidence, Traders Turn To Derivatives To Hedge Against Potential Losses, NYC Commercial Real Estate Sales Plunge Over 50%!

Cracks Emerge in Corporate Debt Confidence Investors are starting to get worried about the $7.2 trillion U.S. investment-grade bond market. Yes, they are still pouring money into this debt and accepting near-record low yields...


Are Internal Cracks Turning Into Chasms?

by Dana Lyons   Recently noted deterioration in market internals appears to be getting worse. One of the hallmarks of our intermediate-term Risk Model that helps orient our investment posture toward equities is breadth, a.k.a.,...