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A Hidden Volcano Of Debt

via  Chuck Tatelbaum The Associated Press recently reported that in December 2017 alone, based upon augmented consumer confidence, consumer borrowing increased by $18.4 billion, says Chuck Tatelbaum a director with the Tripp Scott law firm...


Japan Sells US Debt Trying to Ease A Trade War

by Martin Armstrong The Japanese government once again reduced its holdings of US government bonds during December 2017. In total, Japan sold bonds worth $ 22.5 billion. This is not a huge amount. Nevertheless, this...


Adding more debt to a highly leverage sub par growth economy, as long term rates are surging? Don’t see it ending well.

Simon Black recently said this: pic.twitter.com/G1xegPRCSF — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) February 16, 2018 President Trump's winning strategy crushing the dollar and expanding the trade deficit. Didn't candidate Trump say the opposite? pic.twitter.com/URjkhOdaLO — Alastair...