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7 Improvised Defense Weapons That Could Save Your Life

by Jeremiah Johnson This piece is designed to provide you with a few ideas to stimulate your creative thought processes.  We’re all Constitution-loving, survival-oriented preppers who are always preparing for every emergency.  The problem is...


PART TWO BOMBSHELL Obama Defense Deputy Makes Huge Blunder Admits On MSNBC How They Surveilled President Trump And Leaked It To The HILL

by Pamela Williams This is going to be part two of the following story: http.//investmentwatchblog.com/bombshell-obama-defense-deputy-makes-huge-blunder-admits-on-msnbc-how-they-surveilled-president-trump-and-leaked-it-to-the-hill/ Remember this?  ‘I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were trying to also...