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ALERT: Nickel deficit imminent!

by SECULAR INVESTOR Nickel has been one of the weaker performing metals in the past few years. The price for the base metal which is mainly used in the production of stainless steel has been...


US Trade Deficit Continues To Rise

by Victor Mozambigue The US trade deficit has now reached dangerously high levels. Hitting the ceiling again after 2012, the deficit rose to $502 billion in 2016. While a handful of economists believe it is...


Fact-Check: President Barack Obama Did Not Cut the Deficit by Two-Thirds, Clinton Foundation Did Not Spend 90% of Money Donated on ‘Programs’, Yes, Clinton Is Responsible For Nuclear Weapons Agreement That Favors Russia.

Fact-Check: No, President Barack Obama Did Not Cut the Deficit by Two-Thirds As Breitbart News noted when President Obama claimed in January to have cut the deficit by “almost three-quarters”: This is pure fiction....