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Recognizing that we are not buying into their manufactured, divisive ‘race-war’ distractions, the media completely stops discussing Nazis and runs back to the “Russia Is the Devil” narrative. They’re panicking.

Russia probe unearths attempted meeting between Trump campaign and Putin: report A top Trump aide emailed campaign officials last year about an individual seeking to arrange a meeting between top campaign officials and Russian...


Hillary The Devil

by traildustfotm Today President Trump struck down the infamous Johnson Amendment, which has been used for decades to silence America’s pulpits through IRS intimidation. Below is an article by Mallory Millet which reminds us of...


Trump: “She’s the devil”

‘She’s the devil!’: Trump goes all-in on bashing Hillary as he says Bernie Sanders ‘made a deal with the devil’ by endorsing her Donald Trump said during a Pennsylvania rally that Bernie Sanders ‘made...