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BoingBoing: Americans have no savings, with good reason: housing, education and health care costs are out of control, wages are stagnant, and the Fed has suppressed interest rates…. basically you’re going to die broke

@StockBoardAsset Anyone notice the trend in wages & salary growth? pic.twitter.com/ZuUe79fgcs — StockBoardAsset (@StockBoardAsset) December 13, 2017 America’s Wage Hope Hammered – Real Earnings Suffer Longest Slump Since 2009 For the first time since...


A growing economy is close to being end of the world for Dems, Nancy Pelosi described tax deal as “Armageddon,” “the end of the world.” Larry Summers said 10,000 people would die. Joy Behar’s joyful reaction to fake news. Dems & their pet media hold our president in absolute contempt.- Stuart Varney

Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com The success of the president’s growth agenda has given the Democrats a big problem. If the economy is the key to next year’s elections, the left is in...


Technically Speaking: The Bull Won’t Die Easily

by Lance Roberts Just a short note for today as I am taking a quick vacation for the “Thanksgiving” holiday. As I noted this past weekend:  “Thanksgiving week is traditionally an extremely ‘light’ trading period where...