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Migrations Always Bring Infectious Diseases

by Martin Armstrong A new report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has confirmed that there has been a sharp rise in disease since 2015 with the arrival of the refugees in Germany. The disease...


Refugees Bringing Worldwide Diseases to U.S.

U.S. public health in jeopardy with massive influx, but government doesn’t care Mass illegal immigration from underdeveloped countries poses a direct threat to Americans’ public health. The CDC reported that “Mexico-born persons accounted for...


Our Landfill Economy: Want to make a quick profit along a tropical sea coast? Dig some big holes near the coast, dump in baby prawns, food and chemicals to suppress algae blooms and diseases and then harvest the prawns to ship to the insatiable markets of the developed world.

by Charles Hugh-Smith  This “maximizing growth and profits is the highest good” mode of production is insane. Correspondent Bart D. (Australia) captured the entire global economy in three words: The Landfill Economy. Stuff is...