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Most Hated Bull Market Ever? The Biggest Gainers Share: Low Price-To-Earnings Ratios, Zero Dividend Yields, High Short Interest And Lowest Analyst Ratings… No Matter The Statistics, Investors Remain Far From Giddy About The Current Market Environment

Most Hated Bull Market Ever? Maybe It Should Be

If this is the most-hated bull market ever, as has been suggested, maybe there’s good reason for it.

While the rally this year looks good on paper—as any 15 percent S&P 500 gain by early July would—it has come on the backs of some of the ugliest internals you could imagine.

Just look at the qualities the biggest gainers share: Low price-to-earnings ratios, zero […]

Tax on dividends set to jump from 15% to 43.4%!


Apple (AAPL: 606.98, 10.93, 1.83%)’s dividend announcement this past week is good news for income investors, but bad news might be lurking around the corner.

Unless Congress takes action, the top tax rate for the highest earners on most dividends, currently 15%, is set to jump to a whopping 43.4% next year. That is a maximum income-tax rate of 39.6% — since dividends will once again be taxed as regular income — plus a 3.8% […]

Bloomberg: Gross says U.S., Europe face recession

Chris Fournier, On Tuesday August 30, 2011, 8:58 am EDT

The global economic crisis is leading to a possible “developed economy” recession in the U.S. and Europe, which may be hard to alleviate, according to Pacific Investment Management Co.’s Bill Gross.

In this environment, the world’s biggest manager of bond funds favors investing in Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, along with non-dollar currencies that have strong ties to the Asian continent, Gross, […]

Our Whole Financial System Is An Illusion

‘The Matterhorn Interview’ – July 2011

The book author, financial commentator and entrepreneur Mike Maloney talks in this exclusive interview with Lars Schall for Matterhorn Asset Management in Zurich, Switzerland about: inflation/deflation, the flaws of the current monetary system, the upcoming rollercoaster ride in crude oil, and the biggest bull market in gold and silver ever.

By Lars Schall

Mr. Maloney, is a massive financial/economic storm ahead for us […]

Here’s the #1 reason not to own stocks right now: The values

Richard Russell’s latest letter is something that most investors can probably sympathize with to some degree.  While it’s clear that the equity markets are in the midst of a bull market, it’s less clear whether now is still a good time to be buying.  Russell, while acknowledging that this is certainly a bull market, prefers not to be overweight equities for one single reason – […]