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Bombshell Discovery! Targets of NSA’s Project Dragnet. NSA Documents PROVE Surveillance of Donald Trump and his family. 2004-2010 Pres Trump and Alex Jones under illegal unauthorized monitoring.

BREAKING: NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump and Alex Jones https://t.co/pnyWvi7uLq — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) March 19, 2017 Bombshell discovery shows targets of NSA’s “Project Dragnet” WASHINGTON, D.C. – Infowars.com have obtained...


FBI Anon just Tweeted a link to the FBI Records archive on a protest group formed at UCal Berkeley in 1968. The FBI investigated for ties to foreign Communism. Tons of documents. A this a signal?

Asian American Political Alliance: Asian American Political Alliance – The Asian American Political Alliance was … https://t.co/MUnU7VbyIg — FBI Records Vault (@FBIRecordsVault) February 3, 2017 Rich kid anarchists protesting capitalist scum in Berkeley in...