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Drain The Swamp! MSM Refuses To Cover Us Democratic Senator Robert Menendez’s (N.J.) Corruption Trial; FBI Refuses Judges Order To Release Hillary Clinton Documents Due To “Lack Of Public Interest” A Disgrace!

#Fakenews #CNN #NBC #ABC #NBC #MSNBC Refuse To Cover US #Democratic Senator Robert Menendez's (N.J.) corruption trial. A Disgrace! DC #Swamp pic.twitter.com/ftpnnlKpli — Planet Ponzi (@PlanetPonzi) September 7, 2017   #Obama's Deep State #FBI...


Drain the Swamp: McMaster Has to Go

by Robert Carbery I used to think current National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster was possibly worth having around. His book decrying the Vietnam War seemed credible and pointed to him having some sense about...


Mr. President: Drain the VA Swamp

by Wayne Root Mr. President, we sent you to D.C. to drain the swamp. Firing FBI Director James Corey was a good start. I don’t know a single conservative who trusted him. Now it’s time...