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Adding more debt to a highly leverage sub par growth economy, as long term rates are surging? Don’t see it ending well.

Simon Black recently said this: pic.twitter.com/G1xegPRCSF — Alastair Williamson (@StockBoardAsset) February 16, 2018 President Trump's winning strategy crushing the dollar and expanding the trade deficit. Didn't candidate Trump say the opposite? pic.twitter.com/URjkhOdaLO — Alastair...


How Ending The Gold Standard Impacted The US Economy

by Daniel Carter Politicians, economic “experts” and the talking heads in mainstream media will never tell you that monetary policy is the most important issue facing the United States. Whether you realize it or...


Alan Greenspan’s Critical Warning For the Economy

inShare From Birch Gold Group On January 31, two full days before the stock market’s recent sell off, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan issued a warning. Speaking on Bloomberg Television, he said: I think there are...


A good look at our Uber economy

A short video about what is happening to the American worker Kids…..learn a trade Be unique Invent something Stay away from the herd….     h/t TheOldMan