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Australia ‘Under New Management’, Conservative Leader Sweeps Into Power, Vows to cut taxes, reduce deficit, crack down on asylum seekers

Australia ‘Under New Management’

The Coalition has been swept to a convincing election victory in a result that could keep Labor in the political wilderness for a decade, with incoming prime minister Tony Abbott declaring the country is “under new management”.

ALP seats fell across the country on Saturday, ensuring Tony Abbott will be the 28th prime minister of Australia and have a commanding majority, holding up to 90 seats in the […]

Polls Indicate Merkel Likely to Win Re-election… Vows push for tougher data protection rules

Merkel’s Coalition Is Likely to Win Election, Polls Indicate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government will probably be re-elected in September, two pre-election polls indicate.

CDU/CSU will get 40 percent of votes, coalition partner FDP 6.5 percent, according to a poll conducted by Institut fuer Demoskopie Allensbach on behalf of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper. The total of 46.5 percent compares to a combined 44 percent of the other parties moving into parliament, comprising the SPD […]

Ridiculous: “Voter Fraud is a Felony” Billboards Removed Amid Outcry From Critics

Mac Slavo
October 22nd, 2012


In a country where showing your identification is required for everything from opening a gym membership and renting a movie to purchasing a six-pack of beer and placing a wager at a blackjack table, it’s nothing short of ridiculous that the same standards are not required to cast a vote for representatives who we empower to make decisions that include how much we’re taxed, how we’re regulated […]

PIERS MORGAN: He’s one of the least principled politicians I’ve met. But I believe Mitt Romney might just save America

An extraordinary political earthquake struck America this week. Mitt Romney, widely assumed to be the ‘best of a weak bunch’ of Republican candidates, suddenly overtook Barack Obama in election polls. 

Remarkably for someone with a reputation as Mr Dullard, it was his brilliant performance on October 3 at the first of three presidential debates, where he scored the biggest win ever over an oddly downcast Obama, that propelled him into the […]

POLL: Just 32% of voters say they plan vote for their current Member of Congress in 2012

Nearly two-thirds of registered voters in a new Washington Post/ABC News poll say they plan to “look around” to vote for someone other than their current Member of Congress in 2012, a symbol of the considerable unrest in the electorate and a warning sign to incumbents of both parties heading into next November.

Sixty three percent of registered voters said they would look around for […]