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Trump can give $164,000,000 to each of the 50 states over night. Get rid of the EPA. $1.4BILLION more w/ Dept. Of Education eradication.

https://www.epa.gov/planandbudget/budget FY 2016 Proposed Budget Fiscal Year Enacted Budget Workforce FY 2015 $8,139,887,000 14,725 FY 2014 $8,200,000,000 15,408 FY 2013 $7,901,104,000 15,913 FY 2012 $8,449,385,000 17,106 http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/index.html 70 BILLION for Dept of Eradication  


New EPA Rules Will Cost $3,080 per Person

by Amna El Tawil The EPA’s move to implement new rules on heavy trucks has substantially increased the 10-year regulatory burden past $1 trillion mark and 75% of this amount was imposed by Obama’s administration....


Whether you’re in this community and you’re an environmentalist or a climate skeptic, can we all at least agree that spending $100 BILLION on policies which will decrease global temperature 1/100th degree over several decades is f*cking stupid?

EPA admits it right here. Testifying before Congress, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admits the Agency’s climate regulations have no measurable impact on global climate when asked about the rule’s benefit of reducing global temperature...