Carlin: Wall Street Owns Washington

George Soros Schemes To Control The Future Of Greece

James Smith, Contributor
Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Activist Post

George Soros discusses the new social initiative of his foundation to create a new atmosphere of solidarity in Greece and help to alleviate the rising tensions in the country.

Soros, a Hungarian-American business magnate, is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and supports progressive-liberal causes. He is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

The Berggruen Institute on Governance is under the direction […]

Here is another example of an out of control economic policy :

Under pressure from farming advocates in rural communities, and following a report by The Daily Caller, the Obama administration withdrew a proposed rule Thursday that would have applied child labor laws to family farms.

Critics complained that the regulation would have drastically changed
the extent to which children could work on farms owned by family
members. The U.S. Department of Labor cited public outcry as the reason
for withdrawing the rule. “The decision to withdraw […]

Just look around you. Virtually everything that can be shaken is being shaken.

The economy is falling apart, the fabric of society is starting to come apart at the seams, war in the Middle East could erupt at any moment and the planet itself is shaking in unprecedented ways.

All you have to do is look at a population chart to realize that we are living during an absolutely unprecedented time….

Back in 1800, there were about 1 billion people in the world.  Today, there are about 7 billion.

Do […]

BBC News’ Young & Jobless Videos

It’s video story with partial transcript. The video is about kids in an Italian school and also asks questions of kids about unemployment and money.

Pocket Money Problems In Pompeii (December 13, 2011)
“Schools World Service Reporter Ben Thompson went to visit a school in Pompeii to find out how kids there are affected by Italy’s money worries… Lots of children know people who have lost their jobs because of the crisis. One […]

SCENIC FLIGHT TRAGEDY: 11 dead in hot air balloon crash in New Zealand

VIDEO: Eleven die in NZ hot air balloon crash

ELEVEN people have died when a hot air balloon was engulfed in flames in New Zealand.

The balloon came down in flames at Clareville, near the Wairarapa township of Carterton, about 7.30am local time (5.30am AEDT) today.

Local resident David McKinlay said he was watering the garden of his home on the northern boundary of Carterton at 7.40am (5.40am AEDT) when he looked up […]

20 Signs That The Fabric Of American Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams

The American Dream

There is wild disagreement about what is causing it, but what most people can agree on is that there is something fundamentally wrong with America.  The fabric of American society just does not seem to be as strong as it used to.  In fact, many would argue that society is coming apart at the seams. Corruption and decay seem to be everywhere.  I […]




* Local governments warn exporters to steer clear of euro

* Euro billing had been part of China’s diversification push

By Zhou Xin and Simon Rabinovitch

BEIJING, June 4 (Reuters) – Chinese exporters who made a big push only a year ago to bill in euros […]

Good morning boys and girls! It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be my neighbor?

Today, I’m going to tell the the story Icarsus. Icarus wanted to fly but had no money to build a pair of wings so he borrowed the money from a bank. His first attempt at building a pair of wings was semi-successful. He was able to get off the ground but found his wings were too heavy to allow him to soar. You see, Icarus had used the oil-laden feathers […]

Just look at what is happening in the US. In Iceland. Across the West …

The will of the people has been totally and completely disregarded – by Government who are clearly running a global protection racket that benefits banks and multinational corporations.

The concept of “the people” has no meaning. Big government is gunning for totalitarian control. In the USA, the Democrats and Republicans are trying to out-do each other to see who can destroy the fabric of the Republic most quickly.

What the bankers and […]