Evidence That Oil Limits Are Leading To Limits To GDP Growth

Zero-down mortgage initiative by Bush is hit (troll’s zot is an even bigger hit)

Howard Gold: Don’t count on stocks as an inflation hedge, over the long run, equities aren’t an inflation answer. I’d keep 40-50% in stock, 20-30% in bonds and another 10% in cash. That way you’ll have some protection against inflation, deflation and just normal life.

Steve Jobs’s heirs’ slapped with $867m tax bill

Mike Maloney: The Greatest Bubble in History Is at Our Doorstep

Warning: 91% of America’s financial planners are pushing clients into riskier investments, according to a new Financial Planning Association study on “Alternative Investments.” – which is exactly the kind of investments that triggered the 2008 meltdown – Paul Farrel

Temp Funding, Threat of Govt Shutdown Forces Fed Agencies to Trim