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Australia seems rather content in embracing tyranny, as they willfully disarmed themselves after one obvious false flag, and today they’re allowing corrupt government entities to violate the sovereignty of their own bodies and minds.

The Australian Government Has Gone Mad: The Medical Board of Australia has removed the autonomy of doctors and nurses to advise their patients on vaccination based on their experiences with vaccines. This is contrary...


Best video on Port Arthur 1996 False Flag – Or “How They Took Guns Away in Australia with One Staged Shooting”

Best video, best comments: “Port Arthur Massacre – GUNMEN named!” Good article here too: “15 facts about The Port Arthur Massacre you NEED to know” https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/15-facts-about-the-port-arthur-massacre-you-need-to-know/comment-page-1/   Worth a look, good comments too: h/t...


War is only inevitable if you misunderstand the forces behind its continuing creation, its benefactors. Perpetual false flag pretext for perpetual war, perpetual police state, perpetual extraction of the wealth of the people to the oligarchy through debt-based banking.

@WG_Burton   No Peace In Our Times: The Inevitability Of War Via GEFIRA, “While people are saying, peace and safety, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and...