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Houston Update; A Look Back At Years of Flooding All Over Country 100,000’s had/have To Suffer

And my OUTRAGE that Billionaire “Drain The Swamp” “Make America Great, Again” Trump only giving 7.85 Billion when trillions have been stolen from Americans and still no investigation. https://patch.com/texas/houston/hurri… https://qz.com/1068571/incredible-bef… http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/03/us/hous… http://www.newsweek.com/hurricane-har…  


Houston Flooding

Seems cruel of the Houston officials to lower the lights and street signs at a time like this. Oh…wait…I’ve just leaned that it’s actually that the water is 17 feet deep at that spot...


Major Flooding In Houston

by Chris I hope you are still okay down there. I guess you should be as long as you have snack foods stashed away and stay off the 610 loop. Firemen are seeming panicked....