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Farm Credit Implodes, Korean Food Prices Up

Korean government has lost control of food prices in the country as massive bird flu culls of birds raising the prices of chicken and eggs by minimum of 30%, seafood 25% and vegetables up...


Food Inflation in UK Doubles in a SINGLE MONTH! More Clashes Erupt in Italy!

Sources: Food inflation doubles in a month as UK shoppers start to feel the pinch | Business | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/business/… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Household-Net-Worth.png (661×358) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Household-Net-Worth-to-Real-Final-Sales.png (644×358) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Credit-Lending.png (641×381) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Credit.png (641×381) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… 20170312_3charts2.jpg...