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Experts Agree: The Clinton Foundation Won’t Survive – ‘It was a money laundering operation which allowed unlimited foreign money into the American political process, and sold our government to the highest foreign bidder. Now, under a Trump administration, […] the Foundation’s days are numbered’

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in the history of America. It took the powerful political skills of a true outsider like Donald Trump to defeat her, along with the political establishment and...


There is $9 TRILLION MISSING from the Federal Reserve. Here is the Clinton Foundation’s connection with the Federal Reserve. Donald Trump is right! WE NEED TO AUDIT THE FED!

$9 TRILLION missing from the Federal Reserve and the Inspector General CANNOT audit it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9pnc7IXpC0 “Donor to the Clinton Foundation and Democratic National Committee (DNC), Robert Steven Kaplan has been appointed as the chief...


DC Leaks: Open Society Foundations Documents – Looks Like Obama Has Been Running Every Play In Their Playbook. He Is Merely One Of Their Actors Performing A Script Written By Soros.

Is this new? Article dated today: DCLeaks posts George Soros’ Open Society Foundations documents https://coldwardaily.com/2016/08/13/dcleaks-posts-george-soros-open-society-foundations-documents/ DC Leaks website: Open Society Foundations Documents: http://dcleaks.com/index.php/srs_reserves/ DC Leaks: Little Known Site Dumps Data On George Soros Huge...