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Gold Trader: “Wall Street’s Gold Put Options Paid Off Handsomely Before The June Expiration.”

Following continued selling pressure and another major downward thrust in the price of gold last week, recent interview guest Gary Savage, shared some powerful commentary in a note to subscribers over the weekend.

Speaking on Thursday’s smash of the gold price, Gary noted that;

“About a month ago I vaguely remember something coming across my email…about a huge position in June GDX & GLD put options.Now I see why gold was held below $1400, […]

Seven reasons to be confident gold stocks will soar

From Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, Casey Research:

For the past eighteen months, gold stocks have been pummeled.

They showed some life from mid-May to mid-June – GDX, the gold miner’s index, was up 21%, while gold rose 5.5%. That bounce was exciting, but they’ve still got a lot of lost ground to make up. Since January 1, 2011, GDX is down 28%, while gold is up 10%.

So what’s going to […]

Top trader: Gold stocks have officially broken out

From Jeff Clark in Growth Stock Wire:

Gold stocks are finally showing some positive price action.

The Market Vectors Gold Miners Fund (GDX) is up 8% in the past week. It was higher
yesterday even as the broad market declined… And even though gold was down on the day.

It appears gold stocks are finally starting to outperform the action in the metal itself.

Take a look at this chart comparing the action in GDX to […]

“Must-read” piece outlines the super-bullish case for gold mining stocks, NOT accumulating positions is likely to be the bigger mistake over the long term

From Pragmatic Capitalism:

Gold mining stocks, as measured by the AMEX Gold Bugs Index (HUI), are down nearly 40% from their August 2011 high. Representative ETFs such as GDX and GDXJ as down similar amounts, if not more. Mining company stock prices look to be falling into the abyss.

While buying mining stocks here could certainly look foolish in the near term, NOT accumulating positions, or selling them for that matter, is […]

Yoni Jacobs: Gold Heading to $700; Sees “Impending Collapse”

For the past decade, gold has been an incredible investment, rising from under $300 per ounce to as high as $1,900 per ounce before retreating to around $1,650 in recent trading.

For the bulls, gold’s recent drop is nothing more than a temporary setback on its inexorable march toward $2,000 and beyond. The case for gold rests primarily on factors familiar to anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the metal: easy money […]