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Stephen Colbert: “It Scares Me That People Don’t Believe In Facts Anymore.” You don’t have to BELIEVE in a fact, genius. It just is. You don’t like that people don’t believe YOU when you SAY something is a fact. Get it straight, loser.

‘Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert speaks to ‘Face The Nation’ host John Dickerson about the lessons he learned from the 2016 election. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/12/25/colbert_it_scares_me_that_people_dont_believe_in_facts_anymore.html   Like the fact that he was being told what content...


The Founders’ genius has proven remarkably enduring.

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Ditching Electoral College would allow California to impose imperial rule on a colonial America. Michael Barone: If California continues to occupy one extreme of the national political spectrum, there may well be...


IT DOESN’T TAKE A GENIUS TO FIGURE OUT WHY “WASHINGTON POST” IS AGAINST TRUMP. Washington Post is owned by JEFF BEZOS the owner of Amazon. Amazon profits from cheap, “free trade” goods from China and low wage, low cost employees. Bezos doesn’t want Trump to change any of that.

by Tim A rearranging of free trade agreements with China would cost Amazon $100’s of million$. An increase in wages as the cheap immigrant labor supply is cut off would erode profit margins. These...