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Christians Face Genocide in Middle East

Trump is going around UN, which has been unresponsive… Christians Face Genocide in Middle East Trump administration looks to bypass UN in bringing aid Christians are the target of genocide in the Middle East,...


CHINA – Medical Genocide

China now performs more organ transplants than any other country in the world, despite having few donations. Where do these organs come from? Researchers have found that the Chinese regime is systematically killing prisoners...


Saudi Arabia is mass murdering its Shia population and causing a genocide in Yemen. Meanwhile, the Reddit front page offers you a fawning photo of “Saudi man teaching his wife to drive”

by jforward Saudi man teaching his wife to drive https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/73tjs8/saudi_man_shares_a_photo_of_him_teaching_his_wife/ Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen A military intervention was launched by Saudi Arabia in 2015, leading a coalition of nine African and Middle East countries, to influence the outcome of the Yemeni...