MUST SEE! Glenn Beck Shocking Video – THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria! SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

This is really scary to me. Our government is in an alternate universe from our once sane world. They are truly insane and by backing these rebels, we are going to be doomed. Someone has to stop this madness. I hope we wake up but I don’t think we will.

Glenn Beck To Oprah Winfrey: YOU DISGUST ME!

August 16, 2013 – Glenn Beck attacks Oprah Winfrey as he likens himself to the Statue of Liberty.

Glenn Beck Exposes Fraud Barack Obama on Osama Bin Laden Raid

Glenn Beck: It’s Been Like Watching Progressives Sneak Into Your Child’s Bedroom And Smother Them

8/13/13 – Glenn Beck vows that no longer will he focus on the things that make him miserable, describing his role as someone who tried to warn that a killer was smothering your child.

Glenn Beck on Obama Rodeo Incident: He’s Not The Prophet Muhammad, “Stop Treating Him Like God”

Glenn Beck on Obama Rodeo Incident: He’s Not The Prophet Muhammad, “Stop Treating Him Like God”

August 12, 2013 – Glenn Beck is outraged that people are outraged over the incident at a Missouri rodeo in which a clown wore a mask of President Obama and the crowd cheered the idea of him being

Glenn Beck – US And Russia Are On The Verge Of World War III

Glenn Beck – US And Russia Are On The Verge Of World War III

GLENN BECK,Congress giving themselves an illegal exemption from Obamacare, ITS TREASON… Why shouldn’t the Members live under the same laws they pass for the rest of the country?

GLENN BECK,Congress giving themselves an illegal exemption from Obamacare,ITS TREASON

Congress’s ObamaCare Exemption: The President illegally intervenes to give Members and staff a break

To adapt H.L. Mencken, nobody ever went broke underestimating the cynicism and self-dealing of the American political class. Witness their ad-libbed decision, at the 11th hour and on the basis

Glenn Beck Explodes! Total Chaos Coming! Lynchings in Street of America! Like You’ve NEVER Seen!

8/8/13 – Glenn Beck unleashes a furious tirade over the state of the world and warns that wholesale chaos is looming, where we will see lynchings in the streets of America.

Beck: “We’re A Society That Has Literally Gone Insane”…

Glenn Beck once again warns his audience that we are coming to the End of Days.

Beck: America Was ‘Established For The Establishment Of Israel’…

Glenn Beck tells John Hagee’s Christians United For Israel that America was established by God for the purpose of re-establishing the nation of Israel.

Glenn Beck: “We Are In So Much Trouble … The Darkness Is Astounding”

July 9, 2013 – Glenn Beck is outraged that President Obama’s Twitter account was following a porn company.

Obama’s FSA Freedom Fighters in action! Beheading, shooting, slaughtering civilians for FREEDOM! (EXTREMELY Graphic video)

Syria Tube | More than 35 executions : Syria – These are the actions of the rebels killing innocent civilians in many ways including beheading , shooting and slaughtering. This is just a little of their terror against the Syrian people


Glenn Beck: Shocking Video- THIS Is Who We Are

Massive IRS Protest Planned For Today! “Audit The IRS” Rally Noon-2:00 PM- Live Streaming Link Inside

Conservative activists are planning to storm Capitol Hill on Wednesday for what they are predicting will be “the largest Tea Party protest since 2010.”

The protest — drawing tea partiers like TV host Glenn Beck and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul — is in response to the Internal Revenue Service’s recent admission that it has been

Glen Beck’s “Big Secret” Revealed

From the June 17, 2013 edition of “Glenn Beck” on TheBlaze TV: WARNING- This video contains DISTURBING images. The Obama administration, along with PROGRESSIVE Republicans AND Democrats are OK providing assistance to the Syrian ‘rebels’…the same ‘rebels’ who have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda and who cut the heart and liver out of their

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