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BoingBoing: Americans have no savings, with good reason: housing, education and health care costs are out of control, wages are stagnant, and the Fed has suppressed interest rates…. basically you’re going to die broke

@StockBoardAsset Anyone notice the trend in wages & salary growth? pic.twitter.com/ZuUe79fgcs — StockBoardAsset (@StockBoardAsset) December 13, 2017 America’s Wage Hope Hammered – Real Earnings Suffer Longest Slump Since 2009 For the first time since...


Anthony Saccaro – How Good is the Economy, Really?

from Financial Survival Network Financial advisor Anthony Saccaro joined us for a discussion of markets and the economy. He’s skeptical of the exalted state of the American Economy. He sees many areas in which it has not...


Bix Weir: The “Good Guys” are WINNING!!!

Road To Roota, Released on 11/18/17 The behind the scenes battles that have raged for years are now coming out into the open…and the “Good Guys” are winning! Bix Weir has 30 years’ experience...