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Truth is, the entire picture becomes WAY more clear, when you realize that institutions like Government, Banking, Police, Traficking rings, are merely modern day “Organized Crime”. Think of your government and the elite they serve as a “Mafia”. “Jobs” like 9/11, Wars, everyone “gets a piece” of $.

by margaritavilllll Government especially has evolved into a very “Mafia-esque” operation. It is held down entirely by blackmail and by paying certain people off, just like organized crime, and they maintain power through fear and...


The US has illegally forced itself into the Syrian conflict (no UN mandate, no Congressional approval, no invitation from the Syrian government). How can we watch another useless, violent overthrow which creates millions of refugees and victimizes an entire country?

(ANTIMEDIA) While the mainstream media, spearheaded by CIA-linked media outlet Washington Post, takes the meaning of “fake news” to a whole new level regarding the supposed Trump-Russia collusion, this same media is almost all but...