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Evidence Hillary and Bill Clinton Destroyed Haiti

Bill Clinton along with George Bush was directed by President Obama to spearhead the charity efforts for the rebuilding of Haiti. Hillary Clinton was Secretary Of State at the time and her Clinton Foundation...


2005 Bush Martial Law after Hurricane Katrina, 2010 Bush Clinton Raped Haiti after 7pnt Magnitude Earthquake, 2016 Hurricane Matthew aim at Haiti

Getting Rid of the Haitian Evidence by Destroying what is left of a already Destroyed country, that the 13.5 Billion Dollars that was raised for relief and Rebuilding by the Bush/Clinton Machine Pocketed. http://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2015/01/12/376138864/5-years-after-haiti-s-earthquake-why-aren-t-things-better...


Haiti presidential election cancelled due to hurricane.

Haiti’s electoral council has postponed the country’s presidential election after Hurricane Matthew devastated the country. The nationwide vote was supposed to be held Sunday. The electoral council did not announce a new date. Hurricane...