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Hard Censorship Hits the Internet, US Media Credibility Collapses

by Paul Craig Roberts According to this report, YouTube has shut down all independent media coverage of the Las Vegas shooting in a desperate maneuver to protect the official narrative. https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-06-youtube-moves-to-shut-down-all-independent-media-coverage-of-las-vegas-shooting-desperate-maneuver-to-protect-the-official-narrative.html I cannot attest to...


The Salvation Army USA Is Working Hard In Houston

Salvation Army mobile kitchen leaves Memphis to help feed Houston POSTED 3:54 PM, AUGUST 29, 2017, BY MELISSA MOON, UPDATED AT 03:55PM, AUGUST 29, 2017L Salvation Army disaster relief MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Salvation Army workers...


Lew Weiss – Opioid Epidemic Hitting Factories Hard

from Financial Survival Network Lew Weiss returns… We’ve been hearing about the Opioid Epidemic for a quite a while now. Overdoses, deaths and the impact upon families and the communities has been profound. But overlooked is...