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Dow Jones Industrial Still Pressing Higher

by Martin Armstrong Friday’s closing at 20,298.21 in the Dow was still bullish and the main resistance stands for this week at 20505. Exceeding that level and a close above it on Friday would...


Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk

In this revealing documentary, veteran correspondent John Merrow takes you behind the ivy-covered walls of our colleges and universities to see if they are delivering on their promise. Debunking commonly held notions about the...


Trump’s tax plan: 1) no income taxes < 25k/50k(1+1), 2) all businesses taxed no more than 15% on income (no higher income tax rates), 3) 10% repatriation fee for inverted corporations, 4) end of corporate loopholes, 5) no death tax, 6) no > than 25%

by 911bodysnatchers322   All these crazy people in California are railing against Trump thinking he’s a draconian monster when in fact this may be a better deal than even Bernie Sanders could have mustered....