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Hillary Clinton, psychopath, is like herpes

by Dr. Eowyn Like herpes, Hillary is painful, embarrassing and just won’t go away. Brilliantly hilarious, but true, video from InfoWars‘ Paul Joseph Watson! Watson calls Hillary a sociopath, but I beg to differ. Hillary is...


Ben does “Hillary Revere”

From Bens blog (no link yet) Hillary Clinton recently compared herself to the classic American patriot Paul Revere. She claims she’s sounding the alarm to warn us all about how the Russians will steal...


Amazon is CENSORING all negative reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book, it currently receives an “F” rating from FakeSpot the company that analyzes Amazon reviews for fraud.

https://www.fakespot.com/product/what-happened http://archive.is/atZ6G https://www.fakespot.com/product/what-happened-84fb9846-76e0-435b-9abe-1e3d52ddee89 Extremely fake reviews on that book. Amazon is deleting everything… Older archives (now link has changed) https://archive.is/QD3Gc https://archive.is/ER3ud If you archive now, it will say there are no older archives. >:I Check out...