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It’s Starting To Happen… Cracks Are Showing In China’s Shadow Banking Industry, Hot Housing Market Begins To Cool, Media Told Not To Mention The Debt

Cracks Are Showing in China’s Shadow Banking Industry Recent payment delays shake confidence of Chinese depositors Refinancing of maturing products hurt by slump in issuance     Strains are spreading in China’s $15 trillion shadow...


Entitled refugee gets schooled by hot dog vendor

So this muzzie, looks Syrian, apparently came up to the salesmans food cart acting cocky and provocative, thinking he would still get served. When the vendor refused him, he starts a fight, but this...


4-Icy Message That Get Investors In Hot Water

by Richard Rosso Bear markets are a challenge for investors to endure, emotionally and financially. Bears are part of the deal. You wouldn’t know it, especially based on stock behavior as of late, but...