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Trump Receives A Call From Obama’s Old Team, Instantly Puts A Stop To The White House Tradition

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The Liberals Are Furious With Rep. (R-Utah) Jason Chaffetz, Because They Say He Is In President’s TRUMP’S POCKET , As Head Of The House Oversight Committee.

by Pamela Williams Rep (R-Utah) Jason Chaffetz, Head of the House Oversight Committee took an absolute beating from his constituents at a community meeting. They harshly and unfairly judged and practiced disorderly conduct against him...


WHY AREN’T WE TAUGHT THIS? Rep. Steve King’s Constitutional Amendment will stop illegal immigrants from being counted as ‘persons’ in the Census — California gets 4 extra House seats, 4 extra electoral college votes from this! IT’S A RIGGED SYSTEM.

Did you know that every single illegal alien in this country implicitly votes?  They don’t necessarily vote by casting a ballot.  They vote by residing in a state.  For every human that goes to...