Uranium Fundamentals Are at a Tipping Point: Alka Singh

Uranium Fundamentals Are at a Tipping Point: Alka Singh

Peter Byrne of The Energy Report (9/13/12)

Uranium prices may be down, but so are supplies. Demand for the heavy metal is rising fast, says Independent Researcher Alka Singh of Mine2Capital. In an exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Singh notes that with the flow of

Black Hat: Apple does well but Microsoft does better with enterprise security

OSX is getting better, but has a way to go, security researchers say

While still not great, the operating systems behind Apple desktops, laptops and phones are getting more secure, researchers at Black Hat  say.

While not recommended for corporate use unless it’s in islands within larger networks, the OSX operating system has made strides,

Jobs Tries to Calm iPhone Tracking Controversy

Apple Inc. is scaling back how much information its iPhones store about where they have been and said it will stop collecting such data when consumers request it, as the company tries to quell concerns it was tracking iPhone owners.But Apple’s statements, after a week of silence on the growing controversy, raised new questions and

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