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Podcast: Inflation + Populism = Soaring Gold

by John Rubino Inflation is back, thanks to the past few years’ exuberant borrowing and currency creation. Meanwhile, populist politicians are gaining traction in Europe, threatening both the European Union and the eurozone. The...


Food Inflation in UK Doubles in a SINGLE MONTH! More Clashes Erupt in Italy!

Sources: Food inflation doubles in a month as UK shoppers start to feel the pinch | Business | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/business/… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Household-Net-Worth.png (661×358) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Household-Net-Worth-to-Real-Final-Sales.png (644×358) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Credit-Lending.png (641×381) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… ABOOK-Mar-2017-Z1-Credit.png (641×381) http://www.alhambrapartners.com/wp-co… 20170312_3charts2.jpg...