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Investor credit balances – “To say that investors are “all in” would be an understatement here. They’re leveraged to the gills.”

Hussman posted this chart in his latest blog. https://www.hussmanfunds.com/wmc/wmc170717.htm Speaking of margin debt, Doug Short recently provided this look at investor credit balances and the equity market. The bars (green when positive, red when...


Lessons From a Legendary Investor

BY FMT STAFF Rick Rule on His Biggest Gains! This past week, I listened to what is probably one of the most important interviews I’ve ever heard in my life. As someone who’s conducted...


Wallstreet investor jumps

A 47-year-old financial company executive was killed Wednesday when he jumped from a luxury apartment building on the Upper West Side, authorities said. Kevin Bell jumped from a ninth-floor kitchen window at the famed...